Face Fit:- 3hrs
Respiratory protective equipment in construction
CITB Approved | Duration 3hrs

Tight-fitting Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) needs to fit the wearer’s face well in order to work correctly and provide the expected protection. As faces come in all shapes and sizes, each wearer needs to be supplied with a facepiece which matches their face. Fit testing demonstrates how well a facepiece matches the individual’s face. It is used to select a facemask which is a good match for them. HSE’s relevant Approved Codes of Practice (ACOP) require that fit testing be carried out as part of the initial RPE selection process, to ensure that the wearer has the correct facepiece. This course will explain the importance of fit testing, the responsibilities of employers and introduce the various fit testing methods. Practical sessions will cover the essential skills of pre-use checking and correct donning of facepieces, before going on to provide an opportunity to practice fit testing using the 2 methods which are extensively and almost exclusively in use in the UK. It is therefore ideal for those new to, or relatively new to, practical fit testing and also suitable for those with responsibility for correct selection of respiratory protection. This is an introductory course which will provide a good foundation on which to build practical fit testing skills.

Who should attend?

Individuals who are new to or relatively new to practical fit testing and those with responsibility for correct selection of respiratory protection.


  • Understanding the importance of fit testing
  • Principles of fit testing methods
  • Essential pre-use checking and correct donning of facemasks
  • Responsibilities of employers and fit testers
  • Qualitative fit testing using Bitrex or Saccharin
  • Quantitative fit testing using the Portacount

Training/Assessment Methods

Mix of classroom-based theory and practical exercises.

More Information

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